Hall of Fame - Batting | Sutherland Shire Junior Cricket Association
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
17911070001483622289466079Tom GroatCaringbah Sports (1)2018/201916 A4 1St. Pat's Sutherland (1)
2777566071481891289465777Samuel McCullochBangor Comets (1)2018/201916 A3 1Caringbah Sports (1)
37716035351483857289468177Corey MoorsEngadine Dragons (1)2018/201916 AGF 1Gymea Bay (1)
473108881214815043289466073Richard NolanSt. Pat's Sutherland (1)2018/201916 A4 1Caringbah Sports (1)
5627165141481891289466662Zachery FrankenBangor Comets (1)2018/201916 A6 1Gymea Bay (1)
6627747811483622289465762Adam SingletonCaringbah Sports (1)2018/201916 A3 1Bangor Comets (1)
76016041281483622289465260Flyn Robinson TaggCaringbah Sports (1)2018/201916 A1 1Engadine Dragons (1)
86012684641481894289467160Luke P MechamGymea Bay (1)2018/201916 A7 1St. Pat's Sutherland (1)
9587163641481891289465758*Jackson TurnerBangor Comets (1)2018/201916 A3 1Caringbah Sports (1)
105612684841481894289466656Hayden M NealeGymea Bay (1)2018/201916 A6 1Bangor Comets (1)
11537566071481891289466953Samuel McCullochBangor Comets (1)2018/201916 A7 1Engadine Dragons (1)
125312684641481894289466353*Luke P MechamGymea Bay (1)2018/201916 A5 1Caringbah Sports (1)
135111070001483622289465251*Tom GroatCaringbah Sports (1)2018/201916 A1 1Engadine Dragons (1)
1450138470314815043289465450Damian KleemannSt. Pat's Sutherland (1)2018/201916 A2 1Gymea Bay (1)
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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