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16 A
16 B
14 A
14 B
14 C
12 A
12 B
12 C
12 D
10 A
10 B
10 C
10 D
Under 13 Girls - Spring
Under 13 Girls
Master Blaster
Under 11 Girls
1 Heslehurst, Jack JBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club70000000000000000
2 Ball, JaredCaringbah Sports Cricket Club80000000000000000
3 Pont, LachlanComo Jannali Cricket Club80000000000000000
4 Hughes, RomanComo Jannali Cricket Club80000000000000000
5 Hughes, EzekielComo Jannali Cricket Club04000000000000000
6 Brooking, River OGymea Bay Cricket Club08000000000000000
7 Shore, HarrisonBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club80000000000000000
8 Chapman, LukeCaringbah Sports Cricket Club80000000000000000
9 Whittingham, EthanBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club80000000000000000
10 Anderson, RoryEngadine Dragons Cricket Club90000000000000000
11 ThompsonOwens, CharlesComo Jannali Cricket Club03000000000000000
12 Creighton, KeirenEngadine Dragons Cricket Club90000000000000000
13 Dumbrell, JackEngadine Dragons Cricket Club00008000000000000
14 Abrook, Katie RBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club000110000000000000
15 Abrook, Ryan JComo Jannali Cricket Club80000000000000000
16 Fisher, Evie MSt John Bosco Cricket Club000000000000001000
17 Dodds, Keenan DMiranda Magpies Cricket Club010000000000000000
18 Lowe, Evan JGymea Bay Cricket Club000010000000000000
19 Baxter, Kai SCronulla Seagulls Cricket Club09000000000000000
20 Brennan, Josiah TComo Jannali Cricket Club80000000000000000
21 Butcher, EthanBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club010000000000000000
22 Cambridge, Declan HComo Jannali Cricket Club09000000000000000
23 Camfield, Jai ACronulla Seagulls Cricket Club60000000000000000
24 Chapman, JacobEngadine Dragons Cricket Club08000000000000000
25 Croker, Bailey WEngadine Dragons Cricket Club18000000000000000
26 Fitzgerald, Matthew DComo Jannali Cricket Club80000000000000000
27 Gatherer, Lachlan JCronulla Seagulls Cricket Club70000000000000000
28 Gavin, Lucas JCaringbah Sports Cricket Club011000000000000000
29 Geest, William JSylvania Heights Cricket Club010000000000000000
30 Hart, ConnorBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club001100000000000000
31 Horwood, Sebastian RSt Patrick's Cricket Club Sutherland000012000000000000
32 Hull, NicholasCaringbah Sports Cricket Club00900000000000000
33 James, Ziggy ASt Patrick's Cricket Club Sutherland010000000000000000
34 Jones, CooperBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club80000000000000000
35 Lillis, Koby JEngadine Dragons Cricket Club80000000000000000
36 Mackenzie, Cameron BCronulla Seagulls Cricket Club70000000000000000
37 Newton, Sam HCaringbah Sports Cricket Club60000000000000000
38 Niumataiwalu, SamEngadine Dragons Cricket Club90000000000000000
39 Ritchie, Lachlan MEngadine Dragons Cricket Club90000000000000000
40 Robinson, Archie RCronulla Seagulls Cricket Club70000000000000000
41 Sakaria, SuhanGymea Bay Cricket Club000120000000000000
42 Sharp, Dylan NComo Jannali Cricket Club70000000000000000
43 Sheehy, Thomas JEngadine Dragons Cricket Club90000000000000000
44 St John, Jake NCronulla Seagulls Cricket Club30000000000000000
45 Staples, Thomas HComo Jannali Cricket Club80000000000000000
46 Vanderwert, Asher FSylvania Heights Cricket Club010000000000000000
47 Waldock, Thomas JEngadine Dragons Cricket Club80000000000000000
48 Weir, Thomas JSylvania Heights Cricket Club010000000000000000
49 Whittaker, Jack FSt Patrick's Cricket Club Sutherland010000000000000000
50 Withers, Julian DGymea Bay Cricket Club02000000000000000
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Total Records: 1026   Page: 1 of 21   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10]>Next


Number of matches played Not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches). If the "Include Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout Matches" tickbox is selected, then these match types will be included, but only if a team was selected.