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16 A
16 B
16 C
14 A
14 B
14 D
14 C
12 A
12 B
12 C
12 D
10 A
10 B
10 C
10 D
10 E
Sixers Pool Master Blaster
Master Blaster
Under 12 Girls
Sharks Pool Master Blaster
Under 12 Girls Summer
Under 12 Girls Feb 20
Sixers Pool Master Blaster 2020
Sharks Pool Master Blaster 2020
1 000000000100000000000000
2 David, MatthewCaringbah Sports Cricket Club000000010000000000000000
3 Christodoulou, Sam ASt Patrick's Cricket Club Sutherland000000000100000000000000
4 Fleming, Kade AGymea Bay Cricket Club000000000100000000000000
5 Abrook, Katie RBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club000000000010000000000000
6 Tierney, Ryan SCaringbah Sports Cricket Club000000001000000000000000
7 Hart, ConnorBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club000000000100000000000000
8 Horwood, Sebastian RSt Patrick's Cricket Club Sutherland000000000010000000000000
9 Hull, Nicholas WCaringbah Sports Cricket Club000000010000000000000000
10 Sakaria, SuhanGymea Bay Cricket Club000000010000000000000000
11 Teixeira Araujo, DeanGymea Bay Cricket Club000000000100000000000000
12 Cullum, JacobBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club000000000100000000000000
13 Cullum, MichaelBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club000000000100000000000000
14 Fuller, Nicholas JSt Patrick's Cricket Club Sutherland000000000100000000000000
15 Lavender, Fynn AGymea Bay Cricket Club000000000001000000000000
16 Riashi, WilliamSt Patrick's Cricket Club Sutherland000000000100000000000000
17 Staples, Nicolas LGymea Bay Cricket Club000000000001000000000000
18 royal, AngusCronulla Seagulls Cricket Club000000010000000000000000
19 Martin, Oliver LGymea Bay Cricket Club000000000000001000000000
20 Martin, Charlie RGymea Bay Cricket Club000000000100000000000000
21 Butcher, GraemeIllawong Menai Cricket Club000000000100000000000000
22 Benhiam, SamuelSt John Bosco Cricket Club000000001000000000000000
23 Benhiam, JamesSt John Bosco Cricket Club000000001000000000000000
24 Benhiam, GeorgieSt John Bosco Cricket Club000000000000000000000100
25 Bool, RileyBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club000000000100000000000000
26 DeCelis, MaxBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club000000010000000000000000
27 Smith, AndrewBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club000000000000100000000000
28 Felice, LucaComo-Jannali Junior Cricket Club000000000100000000000000
29 Casey, JoshuaBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club000000010000000000000000
30 Callanan, MaxwellGymea Bay Cricket Club000000001000000000000000
31 Browne, Oscar JGymea Bay Cricket Club000000000100000000000000
32 Mecham, Isaak WGymea Bay Cricket Club000000000001000000000000
33 Smyth, Harrison VSt Patrick's Cricket Club Sutherland000000000100000000000000
34 Phillips, Zye JGymea Bay Cricket Club000000010000000000000000
35 Thomas, Isaac CGymea Bay Cricket Club000000010000000000000000
36 Mohapp, Lachlan DGymea Bay Cricket Club000000010000000000000000
37 Frazer, Cameron JGymea Bay Cricket Club000000001000000000000000
38 Rogerson, Rex WSylvania Heights Cricket Club000000000100000000000000
39 Watson, Nicholas BGymea Bay Cricket Club000000000000100000000000
40 Barnes, Joel RGymea Bay Cricket Club000000001000000000000000
41 Elliott, Dean SGymea Bay Cricket Club000000001100000000000000
42 Longman, Noah CMiranda Magpies Cricket Club000000010000000000000000
43 Longman, Ollie JMiranda Magpies Cricket Club000000010000000000000000
44 Morris, BenjaminCaringbah Sports Cricket Club000000001000000000000000
45 Ottaway, EthanGymea Bay Cricket Club000000001000000000000000
46 Hanif, AhmadIllawong Menai Cricket Club000000000000001000000000
47 Houston, JackIllawong Menai Cricket Club000000000100000000000000
48 Furlong, JackGymea Bay Cricket Club000000000001000000000000
49 Stuart, LiamComo-Jannali Junior Cricket Club000000000010000000000000
50 Lovell, BeauBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club000000000000000100000000
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Total Records: 549   Page: 1 of 11   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10]>Next


Number of matches played Not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches). If the "Include Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout Matches" tickbox is selected, then these match types will be included, but only if a team was selected.